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Melissa Ann Archer

SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Actor / Dancer / Director / Content Creator

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Melissa Ann Archer





Melissa Ann Archer

Actor Director Choreographer Designer

Described as "Not your momma's ingenue" Melissa Ann Archer is a quirky actress whose fiery personality matches her fiery red hair. Based in New York, Melissa has been making her way in the Film and Theatre scene and is excited and hungry to keep going. Melissa has been very serious about performing since she was 3 years old, when she started dancing at her local dance studio. After moving to Waco and earning a BFA in Theatre Performance in 2021, Melissa has been following her dreams and most importantly: working hard. ​Since being in New York, Melissa has continued her education by taking dance and acting classes in the city, and has been cast in various film and television productions. Whether it's acting in indie short films with Emmy nominated directors, or performing co-star roles on major network sets, Melissa is excited to grow her network and make a name for herself. You may have last seen Melissa on the Season 22 Premiere crossover Law and Order special in the final scene, acting alongside Chris Maloney, or as a featured dancer in The Crowded Room alongside Tom Holland. ​Always learning, Melissa is a proud supporter of many social issues such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ Issues, Gender discrimination and helping people in need. Melissa also adamantly stands with the WGA and SAG unions and plans to aid in their right to equal pay. Melissa fights to be a part of projects that push an agenda that matched her love of helping others. Beyond social issues, she also has an affinity for comedy and dramatic roles alike, melding the two worlds together and creating quirky and unforgettable performances. ​

Melissa Archer

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